Mara has been writing zines since 1995. MS magazine once described her comic book style as “sassy.” You can also find Mara on page 124 in Trina Robbins’ book From Girls to Grrlz.

In the zine, Kin, Mara explores her changing relationships with those related to her. Whether it’s the hijinks she and her brother experienced during childhood or the recognition of her sister’s progression as an angst ridden artist, Mara documents each tale with ink drawings and hand-written text. Also included: “Cats I Have Owned,” “In-Laws vs Parents,” and “The Ring.”

Review of the zine , Kindergarten Underground : “Mara writes about her first year teaching kindergarten full time and the various frustrations and joys she has experienced. The zine is written more like a comic with drawings of her students and her late night head lice scares. It’s cute and it really shows how much compassion she has for her students.”
—Stranger Danger Distro

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