In 1998, Mara Siciliano became the youngest solo show contributor in the history of the Seattle Fringe Festival. Her show, "Appetites of the Enamored," launched her ongoing exploration of autobiography as entertainment. Additional solo works: "22 Awkward Moments" (2009), "Proximity" (2013), and "Missing the Pointe"--which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2014 Seattle Fringe Festival.

Siciliano co-founded Origami Girl Productions in 1996 which has produced multiple new works ("Take Two," "Knees Bent, Heels Down", "On!", and "The Virgin Slut Actuality,"). She was an original member of the comedy troupe The Habit, a company member at Unexpected Production's Market Theater, and a regular guest for Dan Savage’s original radio program, Savage Love Live.

Her theatrical endeavors have been numerous and diverse: She was a Freedom Dancer for Mark Siano's Soft Rock Series, an extra in Amy O'Neal's videography for Locust, and has been a regular at local cabarets ("Spin the Bottle" at Annex, The Seattle Solo Performance Festival and "A Guide To Visitor's" both at Theatre Off Jackson). Her choreography has been seen at the Intiman Theater, Washington Ensemble Theater, Annex Theater, the Triple Door, Re-bar, and the Ethnic Cultural Theater. She also served as choreographer for performance art company Helsinki Syndrome, ("I Feel Fine," "My Body Lies Over the Ocean" and "The Importance of Being Earnest").

In addition, Mara has been a dance and theater teacher since 2001 and holds a BA in Drama and Dance from the University of Washington.

Here's what the press has to say:

“Then there’s Mara Siciliano’s work, which is all about going to punk shows, falling in love with a lead singer of a band, getting dissed by him, working at Taco Hell, hitting Denny’s for pie at 1 am, and watching the skateboarders. It’s very sassy. The best thing about it is Mara’s obvious sincerity and excellent eye for the fashions of her subculture. “
—Marjorie Ingall
MS. Magazine

“Old or young, glamorous or dowdy, Siciliano’s gallery of women look familiar and sound exotic. Her hyper acting style enhances the strange humor.”
—Joe Adcock
Seattle Post Intelligencer

“A toe-clenching tragedy of unrequited teenage love.”
—Lindy West
The Stranger

“While deft at delivering humor, Siciliano also creates powerful sections in a serious vein.”
—Sarah Manno
Rocky Mountain Bullhorn

All Press photos by Kris Bell.

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